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Stop, Clear & Reset Candle

Stop, Clear & Reset Candle

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Discover the “Unspoken Journeys” Companion Candle, your beacon for inner reflection and renewal. Embodying the spirit of ‘Stop, Clear, Reset,’ this candle is more than just light; it’s a prompt to cleanse your mind and welcome new perspectives, echoing the guidance of a trusted friend.


But the journey doesn’t end when the flame dims. This candle’s tin is designed for a second life — plant a seed within its walls to symbolize personal growth, or repurpose it as a holder for your creative tools. Whether fostering new life or fueling your artistry, let this candle’s legacy inspire continuous transformation and self-expression.

Create a treat for aromatherapy enthusiasts with these custom tin candles. Available in 4oz, these candles come natural coconut soy wax that is made and hand-poured in the USA. All candles feature a lead and zinc-free cotton wick with an average burning time of 20 hours (4oz). Vanilla bean, Black Tin.: Natural, hand-poured coconut soy wax in a tin-plated steel vessel

.: Lead and zinc-free cotton wick
.: Size: 4oz vessel (3.7oz wax) and 8oz vessel (6.9oz wax)
.: Choose between 5 beautiful fragrances and 3 tin colors
.: Average burn time: 20 hours (4oz)
.: Hand-poured in the USA

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